Web Order Status

This guide is to help you understand what the status of your order means after placing an order with us.

Once your order is placed the status of the order will change to one of the following statuses:

If the order status is ORDER CONFIRMED:

Your order has been received, confirmed, and payment is pre-authorized for your purchase. An order fulfilment specialist will begin collecting the items for your order.


Your order is on hold while some aspect, such as FFL documentation, is manually confirmed. An order fulfillment specialst will reach out to you to discuss these issues to proceed with your order.

If the order status is PAYMENT PROCESSD:

The checkout process has been completed and your payment will be finalized. The items for your order have been collected and will be prepared to be shipped or picked up in-store.

If the order status is AWAITING SHIPMENT:

The items you ordered have been collected and packaged. You will recieve tracking once the shipping label is created and is awaiting pickup from the parcel carrier service.

If the order status is AWAITING PICKUP:

Your order is ready and is awaiting pick-up.

If the order status is COMPLETED:

The payment for your order has been finalized and the appropriate department managers have been notified.

*this status is used exclusivly for Training/Classes, Memberships, Machine Gun Packages and NFA purchases.

If the order status is CANCELED:

The seller has canceled your order, due to a stock inconsistency, availability or other reasons.

*Any Order for In-Store Pick-Up that is not picked up after 14 days will be refunded and the items will be returned to our available stock.